EdgeWater Estates

Protecting Wildlife at Edgewater Estates

At South Winds, we pride ourselves in creating communities that support a variety of life: from people to plants and animals. It’s why we envisioned EdgeWater Estates to be a place teeming with greenspace. It’s also why we wanted to give back to Mother Nature, by donating 46 acres of land to the Municipality of Middlesex Centre for protection and preservation.

We believe that all wildlife have a role in the ecosystem, and as residents of EdgeWater Estates, we have a unique responsibility to respect and protect the environment that sustains this life. From pesky mosquitos to cute and furry rabbits, all wildlife should be recognized for the important role they play in our environment. 

As you settle into your new home at EdgeWater Estates, we wanted to share with you some tips on how to protect and share the land with other animal species: 

Avoid using pesticides or other lawn maintenance chemicals on or near wildlife or animals. 

Do not attempt to “rescue” baby rabbits, birds, or other creatures that appear to be lost. They will usually find their way on their own or their parents will return to them. 

Do not feed wild animals. Human food does not provide good nutrition for animals and can often cause illness. 

Do not feed ducks and geese. Their waste can pollute creeks, wetlands, and ponds, while also putting other wildlife at risk. 

Do not approach or attempt to handle wild animals. Avoid any animal that shows signs of illness, aggression, or having intolerance to human interaction. It’s also important to educate young children that any domestic or wild animal may carry diseases such as rabies and should not be approached.


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