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Five Tips for Environmentally Friendly Living at EdgeWater Estates

Five Tips for Environmentally Friendly Living at EdgeWater Estates

At South Winds, we’ve created a community that preserves the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. It’s why we created EdgeWater Estates to literally contain as much green space as possible. Surrounded by protected parkland, the stunning Thames River and a 10-acre lake at the centre of it all, we’ve worked diligently to ensure that we protect and preserve the delicate balance that exists in these spaces.

And it’s why we want to ensure that residents of this luxury home community continue to enjoy this beautiful neighbourhood, now and in the future. To help minimize the impact on these precious natural spaces, we have compiled the following tips that we hope you will find useful when living at EdgeWater Estates.

  1. Do not dump yard clipping or other materials in the natural area. Dumped materials smother the natural vegetation and may contain harmful chemicals or weed seeds not found in the wild.
  2. We encourage you to use a compost bin as part of your garden maintenance program. Composting returns nutrients and organic matter to the soil, and feeds beneficial micro-organisms. Beyond its benefits to gardens, there’s another compelling reason to have some form of composting system in your yard. Putting garden and kitchen material in a compost bin removes these materials from curbside waste collection.
  3. Avoid planting invasive, non-native plant species. These particular plants could escape into the natural environment and displace the sensitive native species.
  4. Consider placing a bell on outdoor animals such as cats to protect birds and animals that are vulnerable to predation.
  5. The design of this community has been carefully considered to protect the water quality in the river. To ensure that these systems work properly, any landscape maintenance company caring for gardens in EdgeWater should be made aware of the unique conditions found here.

We are not just observers of this beautiful landscape feature; we are all a part of it. Working together, we can ensure that these natural spaces will continue to thrive, providing joy and life for generations to come. Make your appointment today with one of our builders to learn more about living at EdgeWater Estates.


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