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South Winds Development Adds 300 Trees at EdgeWater Estates in Celebration of National Tree Day

Hard hats and new shovels were front and centre on September 25th, as local dignitaries and community members gathered for a celebration of National Tree Day.  At the heart of the event was an announcement by South Winds Development that it will be adding 300 new trees to the EdgeWater Estates development in Kilworth. South Winds President and CEO Stacey Graham was joined by Middlesex Centre Mayor Aina DeViet as the first of the oak, maple and cedar trees were planted at the EdgeWater Estates Entrance.

Stacey Graham welcomed participants and guests and explained how South Winds, has always believed in being good stewards of our natural spaces. The ideology includes being a responsible and proactive environmentalist and the tree planting initiative is a tangible illustration of the importance of living up to a sustainable responsibility. Stacey described how South Winds will continue with its commitment to create communities that feature as much natural landscape as possible.  

The addition of 300 trees, to what is already a very green space at EdgeWater Estates, builds on the company’s ongoing efforts to conserve natural spaces. This includes an allocation, made earlier this year to the municipality, of 46 acres explicitly for the protection and preservation of greenspace. 

Middlesex Centre Mayor Aina DeViet echoed this sentiment and praised South Winds for its forward thinking and unprecedented approach to creating an environmentally focused, forward-thinking community.  Local MPP and Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton added his support and congratulations saying he believes the planting of the trees is a fantastic initiative and by embracing sustainability and creating greenspace South Winds is building a dynamic community in Kilworth.

EdgeWater Estates is not a traditional development.  Its innovative design has set the bar for the preservation nature starting with a neighbourhood that includes in excess of 30% green space.  Combine this expansive natural area with the existing parkland to the south, west and east, add in the Thames River border, top it off with a stunning 10-acre lake centrepiece wrapped with a winding trail network and there just isn’t anything else that can match it.


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