The Majesty of the Trees at EdgeWater Estates

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Imagine you are taking a leisurely stroll through EdgeWater Estates. Head down to the water and you’ll hear the rushing Thames River long before you see it—it’s exciting! You know that the wildlife is all around—seen and unseen. Relax and enjoy nature with EdgeWater Estates 46 acres of nature trails, parkland and rich green space.

Remember: there’s a power and personality of the TREES at EdgeWater Estates!

View of forest in winter, low angle view

EdgeWater trees? Innocuous? Passive? Hardly! Hundreds of types of these botanical wonders push regally towards the sky. Different sizes, heights and colours. The trees, in varying stages of growth, maturity and decay create the undergrowth on which our beautiful and rich Carolinian Forest exists to ensure the natural health of EdgeWater Estates!

Spruce tree branches

One of the more notable trees at EdgeWater Estates is the sycamore. The first reference to this sacred tree can be found in the new testament of the bible. The sycamore has long been favoured by shipbuilders for it’s “arrow straight” trunk perfect for ships’ masts.

Birch trees also abound at EdgeWater Estates! The white birch has been indispensable for thousands of years to our local native culture. Its bark made the best canoes and it was the covering for a home or hunter’s camp. The bark was folded to make pots to boil food or to make baskets. It was also used as writing paper for maps and sketches and in the 1790s, Mrs. John Graves Simcoe made many drawings on birch bark.

Other indigenous trees that you will find at EdgeWater Estates include the Jack Pine, Red Oak, Red Pine, Sugar Maple and many more!

You can have part of your very own, personal collection of trees at your lot at EdgeWater Estates! Book a tour and see for yourself! Your private, wooded, secluded piece of nature awaits you at EdgeWater Estates.

Holding a yellow dry leaf.